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DeafDigest – A Spammer

Barry Strassler, the owner of DeafDigest, an email newsletter, is notorious for adding people to his email newsletter against their will. He has been doing this for years, and there are multitudes of people who have complained about his conduct. In fact, FakeDeafDigest on Twitter (likely a victim of the DeafDigest spam) mocks the email newsletter because of this.

I personally have attempted to unsubscribe repeatedly via two ways: clicking on the unsubscribe link in his emails, and contacting him personally to remove me. All unsubscribing attempts have failed.

Therefore, I have now taken the step of contacting all of his advertisers and requested that they cease their sponsorship of DeafDigest. I strongly encourage all of you to do the same.  Spam is unacceptable and you do not sign up people to email lists without their permission!

DeafDigest’s advertisers are:

Please take the time to contact these companies and request they cease their sponsorship of the spam email newsletter, DeafDigest.

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